Nigeria militants embrace dialogue with government

Niger Delta Avengers destructionEMEKA OKONKWO 
ABUJA, (CAJ News) – THE militant group that has been terrorising international oil companies and vandalizing equipment in Niger Delta have a
greed to dialogue with the Nigerian government.

The Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) which lists among its grievances the alleged neglect of the region despite it being the main supplier of oil in the country, expressed a rare commitment to lasting peace in the area.

The Niger Delta, with an area of 70 000 km2, has suffered years of environmental degradation.

NDA spokesperson, Ballantyne Agiri, said the militant organization had constituted contact and a dialogue group to engage the federal government in meaningful dialogue as part of the initiatives to resolve the crisis.

“The body has collectively and willingly agreed to heed the clarion call of eminent Nigerians and international community to dialogue with the Federal Government,” Agiri stated.

Agiri said names of members that will represent the militants at the meeting with the federal government would be disclosed in the coming days.

“Members of the avengers’ group (who will participate in the dialogue) have already been selected, each based on his integrity, forthrightness, honesty and life track records.”

Alongside the Boko Haram terror group, NDA has emerged asthe biggest challenges the government of President Muhammadu Buhari is enduring.

While Boko Haram has claimed 20 000 lives and displaced 3 million over the years, NDA has only attacked facilities.

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