Nigeria economy problems cause domestic violence

Nigeria mapOKORO CHINEDU in Lagos, Nigeria

LAGOS, (CAJ News) – ECONOMIC hardships have been blamed for the increasing prevalence of domestic violence in Nigeria.

This is according to findings of a recent public opinion poll.

More findings revealed that 54 percent of Nigerians have suffered a form of domestic violence or know someone that has experienced domestic violence in their homes.

The majority of the victims are women as stated by 75 percent of respondents although ‘men’ (16 percent) and ‘children’ (9 percent) are also known to be victims of domestic violence.

An evaluation of the causes of domestic violence in Nigeria revealed that Nigerians perceive ‘economic hardship’ (42 percent), ‘misunderstanding between couples’ (21 percent) and ‘impatience’ (9 percent) as the main causes of domestic violence in homes.

Furthermore, the poll revealed that victims of domestic violence did not take any action about their cases, implying that most domestic violence cases go unreported.

These victims do not take any action mainly ‘to avoid stigmatization’ (34 percent), while in other cases it could be as a result of ignorance and illiteracy of victims (21 percent), emotional attachment to their spouses and partners (18 percent) and fear of threat or insecurity (17 percent).

NOIPolls in partnership with Project Alert, research firm and anti-violence agency respectively, conducted the opinion poll

Nigeria, Africa’s biggest economy, is facing challenges linked to the falling oil prices globally.

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