PDP claims selective application of anti-graft policy

ABUJA, (CAJ News) – PRESIDENT Muhammadu Buhari is using is using anti-corruption posture as a tool to witch-hunt opposition members and perceived political opponents, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has said.

The opposition party accused him of double standards and dictatorial tendencies. The party in press conference at its secretariat by its National Publicity Secretary, Olisa Metuh, claimed  the All Progressives Congress government was “afraid” of the ongoing rebuilding in the PDP to take over power in 2019.

“It is as such applying every negative means to  decimate the party, including the relentless victimization of our key members,” said Metuh.

He alleged hypocrisy, double standard and dictatorial proclivities of the President Muhammadu Buhari-led APC Government in its orchestrated anti-corruption fight in Nigeria.

“Whereas the PDP has over time restated its support for a credible, holistic fight against corruption, unfolding events have confirmed our position that this administration is only using the anti-corruption  posture as a tool to witch-hunt PDP members and perceived political opponents of APC government.

“Metuh added that the same dictatorial tendencies manifested during the military regime of 1984 were being presently applied in the polity in an alleged attempt to discredit PDP members and weaken the party ahead of 2019.

“The APC and its government have been busy denigrating the PDP and trying to appropriate our achievements, while at the same time blackmailing, hounding and harassing our elected members,” said Metuh.

He said the the aim was to cow and force them to leave the PDP and join their party.

“We have verifiable reports from our key members that agents of the APC have been approaching them to join the APC with threats to use the EFCC to victimize them should they refuse.”

The party said the fight against corruption had been selective and focused against PDP members, despite counsels by stakeholders that it should be holistic and in accordance with the due process of the law.

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