Garba urges unification of Fire Services

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ABUJA, (CAJ News) – THE Controller General of the Federal Fire Service, Anebi Joseph Garba, has called for the unification of the entire Fire Services in the country.

Speaking in Minna, Niger State at the palace of the Etsu Nupe, Alhaji Dr.Abubakar Yahaya, the country’s Fire Service was being administered separately which did not enhance synergy, efficient and effective service
delivery to the citizenry.

“Other sister organisations are unified and administered uniformly,” he pointed out.

The Emir stated that the Fire Service was too significant to be neglected considering as its mandate is to save lives and property and in the process some of these firefighters loss their lives in the course of carrying out assigned duties.

These, he said, were done amid plenty of risks and hazard.

“Although the organisation had several challenges to contain, including inadequate equipment, facilities, trained manpower and poor welfare, yet firefighters in the country, despite these shortcomings, are eager and willing at all times to forge ahead,” said Yahaya.

He pledged his support for the unification of the Fire Services in the country to enhance service delivery in all departments of the organisation.

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