Delta organisation proposes measures to maintain peace

niger deltaBy EMEKA OKONKWO
ABUJA, (CAJ News) – THE United Niger Delta Energy Development Security Strategy (UNDEDSS) has made a number of recommendations to government to address some prevailing challenges.

Following its just-concluded emergency meeting, the organisation proposed dialogue between government and pro-Biafra protestors.

Such protests have intensified in recent weeks calling for the independence of the region.

Security forces have been accused of violating the rights of protesters.

“The federal government should, without further delay, open channels of communication with the dissenters in the South-East of the nation who, so far, are merely peacefully exercising their Freedoms to Associate, to speak and to aspire towards non-violent self-determination,” stated
UNDEDSS Secretary, Tony Uranta.

He appealed to government to “urgently devise ways for it to begin to establish itself as more accessible, less militaristic, and more ready to deploy rule-of-law mechanisms to impartially interface with all persons or groups it perceives as being putative dissenters or opposed to it.”

The group meanwhile appealed to government to equip the armed forces to fight the Boko Haram terror group.

Despite the army making some significant progress, the insurgents have in recent weeks carried out suicide bombs in the Northeast, killing hundreds.

“The fighting forces of Nigeria must be expeditiously and comprehensively equipped with the best affordable materiel and training, regardless of source,” said Uranta.

UNDEDSS also appealed to the Presidency to ensure independence of the Judiciary and Legislature.

“The Executive should show contrition for all its past recent acts of non-respect for the powers and independence of the legislative and judicial arms of the government and immediately cease the frighteningly increasing culture of impunity such as evidenced in its constant refusal to comply with orders on it by the judiciary.”

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