APC USA condemns racist Trump remarks

LAGOS, (CAJ News) – THE All Progressives Congress United States International Secretariat Coordinator, Francis John, has expressed worry at racist statements the US Presidential candidate, Donald Trump made recently.

Trump, the Republican candidate, was quoted as saying Africans were “lazy fools on good at eating.”

John said irrespective of how, when and where Trump’s provocative statements were directed at African Americans, Black Americans and or Africans was not ignorable, must addressed promptly and stopped immediately.

African Americans, Black Americans and other Africans, he said, must demand immediate apology.

“Against this backdrop, Americans political poll is widely and most accepted rating globally, but Trump is already criticizing poll ratings; threatening to boycott the campaign, evidential of inferiority complex and trust in American system is beginning to dwindle,” said John.

He said it was time someone put a “full-stop” to Trump’s “idiosyncratic proclamations” against race and immigrants.

John, speaking from Kansas City, raised concern the Republican party had not disassociated itself with the said racist comments, “a common formula used by smart brats.”

“Besides, neither his campaign team nor party made any declaration. As such, this is a red flag to African Americans, Black Americans and or Africans! Meaning, our votes don’t count in pursuit of White House.”

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