Critic urges Buhari to resign over emergency powers request

Muhammadu Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari


ABUJA, (CAJ News) – A PUBLIC affairs expert has advised President Muhammadu Buhari to resign following the latter’s request for emergency powers to push the planned revival of the economy.

Buhari is seeking such plans through the Emergency Economic Stabilisation Bill 2016, which is to be presented to the National Assembly on September 12.

If approved it would give Buhari powers to set aside some current laws and use executive orders to roll out an economic recovery package within the next year.

Analyst, Jude Ndukwe, however slammed such plans arguing, There is more to this request than meets the eye.

” Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, “added Ndukwe.

He said such moves were an affront to democracy.

If Buhari cannot operate under the system he was elected president, the honourable thing for him to do is to resign. Nobody should be allowed to  turn our democracy to a pseudo-military regime under the guise of emergency economy stabilization powers.”

Ndukwe said instead of seeking emergency powers, Buhari and his administration must rather devise policies that made the country a
conducive market for investors.

” For Nigeria to get out of recession, we must first fix our political malaise arising from executive lawlessness that has drastically eroded the confidence of foreign investors in our country.”

He thus cautioned the dangers of against granting any man with absolute powers.

” Checks and balances are some of the main ingredients of a democracy; we cannot divorce them from ours unless we want to suffocate our nation irredeemably, said Ndukwe.

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