Buhari likened to late Singapore Prime Minister Yew

Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari  (AP)

Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari (AP)

ABUJA, (CAJ News) – THE Coalition for Human Rights Advocacy and Social Action (COHRASA) has opposed the granting of emergency powers to President Muhammadu Buhari saying it was against the ideals of separation of powers.

It has been reportedly widely Buhari is seeking such authority from Parliament to push his planned stimulus for the economy.

He is seeking such powers for a year allowing him to make “emergency” decisions to revive an economy that has been on a decline in recent months owing to the crashing oil revenues.

Jeremiah Olatinwo, COHRASA Executive Director, is wary of Parliament acceding to his request.

“I understand Buhari wants absolute and ‘meritoricratic’ powers like Lee Kuan Yew so as to transform Nigeria from a third world to a first world but President Buhari does not have the criteria of a meritocrat as one of the requirements is excellent academic achievement and track record of
skillful achievements.”

The late Yew was the first Prime Minister of Singapore, governing for three decades. He is recognised as the nation’s founding father, with the country described as transitioning from the “third world to first world in a single generation” under his leadership.

“Separation of powers as enshrined in our country’s Constitution is our own political division of labour and it must be revered and never be sacrificed on the altar of political acceptance and power drunkenness.”

An “Emergency Economic Stabilisation Bill 2016” is to be presented to the National Assembly on 12 September to give Buhari powers to set aside some current laws and use executive orders to roll out an economic recovery package within the next year.

“An ex military dictator asking for absolute powers in the name of economic resuscitation. It’s a no,” Olatinwo maintained.

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