About Us

Centre for African Journalists (CAJ News Nigeria) is Africa’s premier news agency that provides regional, continental and international news information when it happens.
CAJ News Nigeria provides thoughtful African news on investing, information technology, mobile and telecommunications, energy and petroleum, mining and engineering, developmental, political and sports news for Africa.
CAJ News Nigeria is accessible via the web at www.cajnews.com.ng, mainly covering 22 African countries, mainly from the Southern African Development Community (SADC region), East Africa, West Africa and a few from North Africa.
In an era when other international news agencies have narrowed their lens on Africa, we’re convinced that such negative actions yearned for the opposite, especially with readers, corporate world, policy and decision makers about how Africa is perceived internationally.
It is the view of CAJ News Nigeria founder, and Africa’s multiple awarding winning journalist, Savious Kwinika, that the purpose of our journalism is to encourage development and the success story of the African continent as opposed to channelling harmful and toxic information that undermines business, corporate, innovations and people of Africa.
CAJ News Nigeria is very much excited by what’s new and developing, something innovative as well as progress that makes African continent tick.
As Africa’s premier and worldwide organization, CAJ News Nigeria is ever mindful of its actions locally, regionally and globally.
Therefore CAJ News Nigeria strives to think and act as African citizen upholding world class standards of reporting.
The CAJ News Nigeria management and editorial team have a shared responsibility to do business in ways that promote respect, property rights, protect and benefit our customers, our employees, our communities, and our environment.

CAJ News Nigeria also does Media Monitoring and Evaluations for Nigeria”.